Crossword Studio 1.2 Features

Crossword Studio is a next-generation program that makes it easy to create your own crossword puzzles by putting all the right tools and information at your fingertips. Read about some of the top features below... then download a free trial today!

For more detailed information, you can also read the complete Crossword Studio help content online.

Integrated view of puzzle, clues and fill words

Crossword Studio keeps you productive by presenting your crossword grid alongside two panels containing all your clues, and all available fill words for a given answer slot. This information is always just a glance away, with no need to open extra windows or switch modes.

Find fill words easily

Selecting any answer slot shows you a list of words that will fit there, drawn from an extensive 137,000-word database. Words are ranked by how easy they make it to fill the perpendicular slots that intersect the word.

Auto Fill

Crossword Studio can automatically fill an entire crossword grid for you, often in just a few seconds. You can also first add "theme" words to the grid and then Auto Fill the remaining blank spaces. After an Auto Fill, you can always tweak the results with the help of the fill-words list described above.

Mac and Windows

Crossword Studio is available for both Mac OS X and Windows PCs. And you're never locked into just one or the other – you can easily save Crossword Studio puzzles on a Mac and open them on a PC, or vice versa!

Saved and suggested clues

Save your favorite clever clues for later – they will always appear at your fingertips as soon as you use the corresponding answer in a puzzle. Crossword Studio will also automatically suggest clues for words that are part of a longer phrase or title.

Organize theme answers

Enter your ideas for "theme" words or answers into Crossword Studio's Scratchpad window to quickly see which match in length, and then easily fill them into slots in your puzzle. And your Scratchpad words and ideas are always saved with your puzzle to come back to later.

Print and export polished results

Print professional-looking finished puzzles directly from Crossword Studio (
view sample). Or export an HTML page ready for sharing on the Web (view sample). Or export to Across Lite* and convert to their widely-used interactive puzzle format.

Import Across Lite puzzles

Import puzzles from the industry-standard Across Lite* formats ("plain text" or the more common .puz format).

*Across Lite is produced by Literate Software Systems. Crossword Studio is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Literate Software Systems.

Helpful warnings

Crossword Studio automatically alerts you if your puzzle breaks typical publisher rules. You can quickly see if your grid has too many or too few black squares, if any answer slots are too short, if any words are accidentally re-used, and more.

Puzzle statistics

Keep an eye on the "vital signs" of your crossword: grid black/white balance, number of answer slots, average answer length, distribution of answer length (via an interactive histogram control), letter use, and rarity of letters used.

Import word lists

Supplement the built-in answer database by importing word lists or crossword dictionaries in plain text format. If your list includes multi-word answers, Crossword Studio can automatically extract sub-phrases from these answers for use with fill-in-the-blank type clues, up to a length limit that you specify.